IREK Briefing Notes

Brief insights into the IREK fieldwork, dissemination and interaction with stakeholders can be found in the IREK Briefing Notes.

IREK Briefing Note No. 8

Policy makers and stakeholders around the globe have made concerted efforts to support adoption of renewable energy technologies through using a variety of policy tools and incentives all aimed at accelerating access of energy. One such policy tool is the local content requirements (LCRs). The IREK project explores how local policy issues influence adoption of renewable energy (solar and wind) in Kenya. Specifically, it focuses on what local policies are needed to maximize up-take of capability building by firms and individuals as well as creating jobs and income generation. This briefing note aims to discuss the role of local capabilities in local content requirements discussions in relation to renewable energy in Kenya.

IREK Briefing Note No. 7

Can the different diurnal production profiles of solar PV and wind power make the combination of these technologies in hybrid mini-grids relevant for rural electrification purposes in Kenya? Why is the uptake of small wind power not increasing concurrently with the on-going mini-grid expansion? What are the barriers and bottlenecks for diffusion of hybrid PV/wind mini-grids? This note highlights the work and findings of a study in which qualitative and quantitative methods were combined to answer these questions.

IREK Briefing Note No. 6

What is the (potential) role of national policies in learning, innovation and capabilities building in renewable energy in Kenya?

IREK Briefing Note No. 5

Kenya’s Parliamentary Committee on Energy 2018 has been spearheading the review of the Kenyan Energy Bill 2017. The committee invited comments from the public and interested stakeholders on the draft. The IREK research team prepared a submission and subsequently was invited to present its recommendations on 15 March 2018 at the Parliament buildings. This note highlights key recommendations based on the submission.

IREK Briefing Note No. 4

This is custom heading element Perspectives on selection and deployment of low-carbon technologies from Northern Jutland What role can international sources of knowledge on low-carbon technologies play for Kenya in the development towards sustainable energy access? Ensuring that the most adequate low-carbon technologies are selected and that they are diffused and used in a way that ensures increased electrification rates [...]

IREK Briefing Note No. 3

In a series of inteviews the IREK research team asked key informants in Kenya about the role of global technology collaboration and how such collaborations can be shaped to help develop more appropriate pathways of low carbon development in the local context.

IREK Briefing Note No. 2

The IREK project is developing a new theoretical understanding of how new technologies developed abroad can be transformed into inclusive innovation in Kenya. In this briefing note recommendations from key international scholars invited as scientific advisors to review the IREK research work are captured.

IREK Briefing Note No. 1

The initial recommendations from stakeholders are captures in this briefing note. Representatives from the Ministry of Energy, Kenya Climate Innovation Centre, Stockholm Environmental Institute, Kenya Power and Sollatek provided critical reflections and comments.


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